Urgency and the scarcity can do absolute wonders in your marketing message.

Talk to anyone who’s serious about direct mail or online marketing. Urgency and scarcity are extremely powerful motivators. If you want someone to take action with the response that you can measure, you must give them a deadline on your offer.

Urgency marketing is a marketing and sales technique that employs time-sensitive offers.

Onetime offers, special offers are other examples of this tactic. You may offer a hundred bonuses on the condition that your readers will purchase your offer within a specific period of time. Or, instead of using bonuses, you can offer a fantastic discount available during the same span of time.

The more urgency and scarcity, the easier it is to sell a product/service. When you get the ticking clock or you see that only a few people can buy the product, you will start to think about the product/service in a completely different way. You start to think about the product/servcie as a lot better than what it probably is.

This is a great technique, as it creates a sense of panic amongst your prospects, making them WANT to buy what you have to offer at the soonest possible time, or they miss out on an amazing opportunity.

I am not sure why, but scarcity and urgency does something to me and I usually end up buying the product/service. That why I put the sign on my office door, "No Solicitors."

How will you profit by working urgency and scarcity into your advertising and marketing plans?