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Under Promise & Over Deliver

Do you under promise then over deliver?

It seems that people who make promises and don't deliver are becoming more and more prevalent in today's customer-service community.

Why do customers buy from you? I'll bet that one major reason is trust. They believe what you say is what you mean. You keep your promises.

A principle of customer service where a business consciously delivers value in excess of what has been promised to demonstrate to the customer such areas as gratitude for the opportunity, outstanding customer service or a sincere desire to have a longer term relationship with their customer.

There are two basic reasons why people buy things:

  1. They want to feel good
  2. They are looking for solutions to specific problems.

Makes sure you can provide both.

On average, people who like shopping in a store will spend 20 percent more money than they will if they find the store with poor service.

The sad part is there will always be retailers who believe they are doing fine without trying anything new to make their customers happy. If that's the case they should remember this quote by Albert Einstein: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, each time expecting a different result."

  • What claims are made about our products or services?
  • Are these claims realistic or justifiable? 
  • When do these claims fall in to a bunch of hype or broken promises?
  • Are their aspects of the product or service where successful use will result in over delivery on the part of this?