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Two for One Offers

Two for one offers are a simple, but effective method to entice consumers to purchase your product or service.

This may be a great tool if you are a startup company and trying to get your product(s) into the hands of your customers.

Simply put, a two for one offer means you are giving your customers the opportunity to purchase one of your products at full price (retail) and getting a 2nd product ‘free’.

In reality, it should mean that you are breaking even at worst (if your cost/price structure is solid). You should be in a position to make some money on the deal.

If you are selling over the internet, you can also charge shipping and handling and make a small profit on that. You benefit by getting more products into the market and your customers will buy again. Your customers benefit because they are getting a great value. Be sure to specify the length of time for this type of offer.

A good tactic is to plan on advertising while making a limited time offer. 14 days is typical.