Public Relations


TV Appearances/Interviews

Anytime you can land a TV appearance or interview on behalf of your company, product or service, you have found a winning formula.

How do you go about making this happen?

Spend some time developing relationships with the local media. Let them know who you are and what your company or organization does and how you can bring valuabe information to the viewwer and listeners.

It is likely that the TV stations have a format for promoting businesses and events in the area or region. Being part of their broadcast at some point will provide instant credibility, but you need to make sure they know you are out there.

Be determined and persistent in a positive way and promote your story any way you can. Eventually, the station will have an opening that fits the bill for you. Be patient, It may take some time before you are called upon for an interview. It'll be worth the wait.

Another way to do this is through another organization. Sponsoring or simply being part of an event that you are passionate about in the community will allow you to make contact with the right media people. You may even become a spokesperson for the event and get on TV that way.

Budget: Priceless.  $ 250 - 1,000 per month