Social Media Marketing



Transparency:  In traditional media, an outlet's reputation was key to assuring that the content they provided was among the most trustworthy and accurate.

In the age of on line media, the lines of this has blurred. Enhancing searching, sharing, self-publish and commenting across networks makes it easier to find out what's going on in any situation where there is online activity.

Many people look towards transparency as trustworthiness and access. A lack of transparency can come across that an individual, group or organization may have something to hide.  

Tansparency is simply not having lack of hidden agendas and conditions and showing all available information required for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making.

According to Buzzwhack
Transparent, transparency: A favorite in business and government. It can mean open, visible, accessible, publicly accountable, etc. -- without privacy or secrets. "The computer age is moving society toward greater transparency." Not to be confused with the less admirable definition of transparent -- to have obvious selfish motives. Of course, we would never think of business and government in that manner.

There is a place for anonymous sources and data - but as is the case with traditional media, this is best used sparingly. A good outlet can be traced and contacted. You should be able to access a name. Part of the idea is that solid information comes through someone with a strong reputation without barriers - this is transparency.

Many individuals and groups market based upon their status as a leader, expert or preeminent provider of goods and services. Transparency can give your marketing greater credibility, since it makes your message more grounded then just a series of claims and data.  

Transparency can also be part of you marketing plan. By planning on being opened and revealing, you show the real you and prove you are accessable and human with all the imperfections of being human.

Budget: Priceless: but if I ahd to put a dollar figure on it plan on investing $150 - 400 pe week