Trade Show

Trade Shows are gatherings of businesses and business owners in a particular industry in an effort to sell their products in an educational environment that creates the spirit of innovation and continuous improvement.

These gatherings create a very targeted audience for your product or service. Trade Shows typically also provide a format where businesses can exhibit their goods and services to potential buyers. These shows are done on a regional, national or international scale depending on the industry.

This format for promoting your business is very cost-effective. While the show cost itself, the travel, and the exhibit materials, etc. can be a little expensive for a single sales trip, keep in mind that you have several of your target decision makers all in one place. What a great concept! Do some pre-show marketing to let them know your company will be there, what new products or services you'll be offering and you would love to talk to them.

Better yet, create an event, like a dinner cruise, and invite current and potential clients to come along for an enjoyable evening without sales pressure. Your current clients will indirectly do the sales for you – but that is another topic.

Plus, many trade shows offer educational session and seminars. This is a great opportuinty to once again be the expert simply by presenting valuable information. You'll find people seeking you out the balance of the trade show, which may lead to some great sales opportunities.

Now that you've participated in a trade show, plan on adding a serious follow-up procedure to your trade show advertsing and marketing plans. Why? Because if you do not follow-up on your fresh sales leads, they go stale fast and you've waste a lot of time and effort.

Budget: $1,000 - $10,000 monthly