Public Relations


Trade Journal Articles

Trade journal articles are an outstanding method of letting your target audience know about you and your expertise as a business.

These journals target a specific industry in which your expertise provides value. For instance, if you produce a product for the golf industry that reduces club grip wear by 50% over the life of the grip while extending your drive shots, you don’t want an article in a family magazine, but rather an article in Golf Digest. That is your target audience. Send them press releases and otherwise make contact with writers and editors at that magazine in an effort to gain their interest.

If the way in which you launched your company and product is unique and interesting, all-the-better. That ‘hook’ will create an interesting story.

The best part is an article is more effective than a paid advertisement, because of increased credibility of being written thrid party, rightly or wrongly implies truth. And the best part is they costing very little.

Additionally, being quoted on a magazine or trade journal article cna have equal effect in generating qualified sales leads for your business.

One of the easiest way to write an article is simply recycling a speech you, or another senior manager in your company or a subject matter expert made by rewriting it. Plus, some trade journals may even reprint speeches if you ask and can prove it will be valuable to the readers.

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