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Trackback Links

Trackbacks or Trackback Links provide blogs  a way for other bloggers to leave a calling card automatically, instead of commenting.

It's basically the process of letting a blog know that you linked to an article. When another blog is being referenced in a blog post, the trackback field can be used to start up a process that alerts the other blog about the incoming link.

Trackbacks are a simp way of letting another blogger know that you are referencing their work. Not only is this common courtesy, it could also lead to that blogger creating a link to back to your blog in a future article, thus spreading the word about your valuable article.

For example, blogger A may write on blog A about an item on blogger B's site, and through the trackback facility leave a link on B's site back to A.

Another way to use trackbacks is when you find a great post on somebody else’s blog that you want to comment on. Instead of making your comment directly on their blog site, you use the trackback strategy and simply post the comment on your own site linking back to the original bloggers post setting up a two-way link that helps you and the blogger get better SEO rankings.

Strong and multiple trackbacks can provide great communications, analytical data and added value about an idea, concept or subject. You should be cautious that the trackback communication is based on facts and not quickly fired opinions or biases. 

The usual address for trackbacks is the web address of the article with "/trackback" at the end.

Trackbacks are great for every blog. You'll be able to know exactly when your blog posting has been posted at another blog, plus you can gain more visitors. It’s a win-win situation for you and the blog you trackbact too.

Using trackbacks is and easy way to plan on get more links to your blog. While you are busy creating a Fast Marketing Plan, take the time and add this tactic. You'll be rewarded with more blog traffic.

Budget: $100 - 350 weekly


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