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Top Ten Lists

Top ten lists are listing of the most popular, best or highest ranked, or sometimes the worst of a group items. In marketing, top ten lists can be used to help sell more hot item or to sell off over stocked items.

Why not create your own “best-seller list” and feature it prominently in your marketing efforts?  People buy what is popular. The higher up on the best-seller list that an item is—i.e. the more “popu¬lar” that it becomes—the more that sales for the item will climb.

For example, if you own an ice cream parlor, create a best-seller list of the most popular flavors of ice cream that you sell. Post the list at several highly visible locations. When folks come in, watch the sales of your best-selling ice cream soar!

You can create a best-selling list for any product/service that you offer.

The power of suggestion helps people who do not know what they want as well as those who are having trouble choosing what they want.

Many people just can’t make a decision (sometimes even a life-saving decision), so why not help them along by showing them what other folks like the best?

How Can You Profit Form Adding Top Ten Lists To Your Advertsing and Marketing Plans?

Budget: $50 - $500 monthly