Internet Marketing


Time on Site (ToS):

Time on Site (ToS) refers to the amount of time a visitor spends scrolling through your website.

The longer the Time on Page and Time on Site, the more marketing copy they will read.
The more advertisements they will view.

And the higher the percentage that they will leave you contact information or buy your products, services and ideas.

Optimized web pages with great content have proven to capture the interest of visitors for a longer period of time and result in lower drop-off rates (when a visitor leaves due to lack of interest or relevancy).

Time on Page is more credible when a page has a lower Exit Rate, and Time on Site is more reliable when a source/medium/etc. has a lower Bounce Rate.

Plan on increasing your visitor time on page and time on site by planning on adding continuous website improvement to your internet marketing plans.

Budget: Daily: $25 - $50.