Social Media Marketing


Time for social marketing

How much Time should I spend social media marketing?

This is the greatest question to be answered by anyone even remotely interested in using social media as an aspect of their lives and their business. How much time should go in to this?

If your job keeps you ing front of a computer most of the day, it is easy to have a browser window open and directed towards using social media to achieve your goals.

For someone who uses mobile technology, such as laptops and smart phones, the capability is there not to be anchored at a desk but still interact with social media communities.  Being online until late into the morning can bring sleep deprivation, but create a certain online presence. If your job requires specific tasks, such as cooking, painting, manufacturing or other acts of manual labor, the perceived value may be more social then business derives.

The key, as with anything,  is to find an equilibrium that makes sense for all aspects of one's life.

Going on once every three to four weeks and treating social media with scant updates will do you little good. Shunning people and activities around you in order to be in a virtual community can be an issue. Figure out a balance that works for you. Or get an employee to create posts and spend the time marketing using social media or hire someone to help you.

I've met Doug Firebaugh, a leader in social media marketing who has his wife spend her time posting content while Doug is out giving speeches and consulations.

Budget: $100 - $250 a week