Taxi Top and Trunk Marketing

Taxi Top & Trunks advertising is a marketing tactic with high levels of recall, reaching a local, business and tourist audience en route to and from airports, hotels, convention centers, sporting events, shopping centers, bars and restaurants.

Taxi backs and top marketing offer 24-hour exposure in major metropolitan markets. They are used to reach other taxi riders, pedestrians and all other types of vehicular traffic.

What some experts say:

Taxi Advertising“Taxi advertising offers superior levels of recall (45%), reaching a local business and tourist audience en route to and from the airport, sporting events, shopping centres and restaurants .

Taxi advertising that shouts from its roof tops

  • High reach, high frequency inescapable viewing
  • Advertising you cant throw away like newspapers or magazines
  • Advertising you cant switch off like tv and radio
  • Dramatic illuminating signs that provide visable advertising both night and day.
  • Prime location location location, taxis go where people go.
  • Takes your message to the consumer.
  • Rooftop advertising is targeted, intrusive and highly effective.

Some outdoor media companies are offering electronic taxi marketing. Offering the utmost in client control. Send text and graphics to the top when you want it. A GPS system allows ads to run in specific areas of the city, or just on a specific street. You control the vibrant graphics, vibrant flash animation and vibrant copy capabilities. However, it't not availiable in many markets yet.

Budget: $1,000 - 10,000 month


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