Taxi Ads

In population driven areas taxi cab ads offer an effective medium. Ads are displayed on top of the vehicle with a 3-d sign that can be viewed from either side of the vehicle.

Taxi ads will take your message to city centers, restaurants, hotels and airports. This creates huge market coverage to consumers. 

There are four basic areas to advertise on a taxi: top, trunk top, rocker panels and hub caps.

Some statistics show that taxi cab ads generate more than 10 impressions per mile and over 1 million impressions annually.

Consumers see an eye level ad with perceived motion that can evoke energy. In large cities, this type of ad provides 24/7 visibility to a maximum number of people. This is a way of taking your ad to the people.

Budget: $1000 - $2500 for design and production

               $ 125 - $250 each vehicle per month, or less depending on number of vehicles and length of                 contract..