Body ink or tattoos have been around for a very long time and certainly can draw attention.

This is a very unconventional advertising method with potentially limited visibility. However, if you have a product aimed at this demographic and considering that this population segment is growing due to increased acceptance of tattooing, it does merit some thought in certain cases.

But, a new trend is surfacing where companies not only incorporate tattoo art into their brand names, but do it in a way to appeal to folks who love tattoos.

Crazy enough as it may seem, there are websites offering to help you “lease your body” for advertising. Chceck out, Body, and, even claim to match tattoo sellers and advertising buyers. However, there seem to be more tattoo sellers than advertising buyers.

It's for real and may be a way to plan on marketing you brand. According to, "Participants agree to wear temporary tattoos (logos) supplied by Advertisers. By doing so, YOU can earn BIG $$$$$.In exchange, Advertisers (companies) can gain novel exposure for their business."

Wisely, most sellers only promise to get temporary tattoos.

Professional boxers have been using tattoo advertising to make extra money for several years, notwithstanding considerable opposition from boxing regulators and television broadcasters. Certain National Basketball Association (NBA) players have proposed wearing tattoo advertisements during televised games as well - picture Shaquille O'Neal with a Direct TV logo emblazoned up his arm - but the NBA insists it will prohibit the practice. In response, the NBA Players Association has stated it believes tattoo advertising is permissible and would likely file a grievance with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) if the NBA thwarts a tattoo advertising campaign.

Budget: $150 - $1,000 monthly