Public Relations


Talk To Groups

Your business is all about a product, service or idea in which you have unique expertise. Use that knowledge as a marketing and promotional tool.

Finding groups to talk to within or outside of your industry is really an easy thing to do. In your industry, seek groups or organizations locally and beyond that have regular meetings or gatherings and are seeking experts for speakers. That is the perfect venue for you to talk about an issue that can be solved by your business or organization.

Don’t make your talk a direct sales pitch; that approach can kill credibility and may even be forbidden by the organization. Instead, make it a verbal white paper. Pick the issue and discuss how a particular product or service can solve it for your audience. It just so happens that your product happens to be the solution.

The very fact that you are the expert speaker will begin driving people to seek you and your company out to help them with their issues.

Don’t just speak to industry groups, seek high school and college classes as audiences, local business leaders, chamber of commerce meeting, networking organizations etc. You will be surprised what doors begin to open.

Plus most groups need people to speak, seek them out and ask to be put on their list of speakers. You could even ask to be any emergency fill in speaker is some other speaker must make a schedule change.

Budget: $75 - $200 monthly for hand outs and pre time.