Tabloid Ads

While advertising in a tabloid may seem like a bad idea, there are some products and industries that can benefit from this type of promotion.

Consider that tabloids are always placed in or near store checkout lanes.

Whether you read tabloids or not, for a few minutes you are a captive audience. You may even pick it up to glance through it while you wait.

There is a reason that the National Enquirer is the most sold tabloid publicaton. People like it's content.

In fact, the readers of these tabloid magazines may be your ideal target market, depending on what you are offering.

Possibly a well-placed ad for a particular product will generate a return for the advertiser. As always, carefully consider your target audience. Then test your headline and offer for success

Consistency is the key, so remember that you must place the ads on a regular basis. The readers of tabloid publications are leary of first time advertisings. Just like any marketing, you'll have to prove you will deliver what you promise, and that will take a few viewings of your ad.

Budget: $1,200 - $5,000 annually