The most popular form of this type of advertising is stickers/signage that attaches to an automobile but that's just the tip if the iceberg.

Stickers are an affordable and effective (yet often overlooked) way to market your business. Stickers are one of the low cost ways to attract attention to your products and services while watching your advertising dollars.

One sure-fire way to create excitement for your business and supplement your current advertising and marketing campaigns is stickers.

Think about using stickers to support your other advertising and marketing tactcs. Again, their relatively small size not only can fit all sorts of spaces, including bags, briefcases, laptops, and, of course, car bumpers, but they can also be slipped inside mailers, brochures, catalogs and shopping bags.

Even better, stickers (especially well-designed ones) are less likely to end up in the trash can. In fact, they will most likely end up somewhere visible where other print materials will fail to reach.

Also, keep realize that the back of you sticker offer many more opportunities to spread your message.

The main point to remember is that the back of a sticker should be used in some capacity to reap the greatest marketing benefits and the best value.

Consider, once again, the many possible opportunities stickers present beyond arming the public with an identity building mini-billboard:

  • You can distribute coupons which encourage future sales.
  • You can inform prospects about other products and services.
  • You can arm the public with important phone numbers and information.
  • You can build your data base with registration cards, contests, free offers, etc.
  • You can create an eye-catching postcard which delivers timely information at a great price.
  • The creative uses go on and on.

What do you currently plan on handing out or mailing out to customers and prospects?
Which of these could be strengthened by being coupled with a fun, eye-catching product?

Budget: $200 - $500 for design
             $150 - $250 per thousand for production