Spying On Self And Employees

Do you know what's happing in your business when your are away?

How does someone "see" your company when they call you?

Do they get a crisp, friendly and professional image... or could there be a weak link in your team?

The key is to regularly put a critical ear to the way your people are handling those calls. Phone in occasionally as a 

This secret is a great technique to find out if your employees actually are following the procedures that they have been trained to follow. (You do have a training program in place, don’t you?)

Have a family member or an associate call your business and ask a few simple questions about your products/services. Have them act as prospect or as an mad as hell customer. You'll very quickly see whether the image YOU have of your company is what the customer is "seeing"...or whether it's time for you to invest in more training. 

You may be shocked and appalled at the answers that they receive. You may begin to realize how much business you are losing every day.

Make test calls on a regular basis, record them, and play them back to your employees. Then, have your employees help you to develop telephone scripts that answer all of the “frequently asked questions” that they receive from your clients and prospects.

You also should train them to sell “accessory” or “add-on” or "back end" items. These could add up to an additional thirty percent or more in sales.

OK, how do you spy on yourself?
Record your conversations on sales calls.
Listen to them and discover why you do or don’t close a deal. You’ll hear it. And now you can correct any errors you may be making.

Also ask your employees, suppliers and customers for a critique of your performance.
There is always room for improvement and If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

What spy tactics have you included in your marketing plans?

Budget: $10 - $100 monthly