Spying On Competition

Who else wants to be 007, Bond, James Bond?

Well here’s your chance to go and spy on your competitors. How? Start by going to your competitors website. What do they offer that is different?

What are their benefits compared to yours? Who are their clients? It’s amazing how many competitors list their clients on their website. Any of them of interest to you? They may even supply you with case studies.

Another way to spy on your competitors, pick up the phone, ask to speak to the sales department. Pretend you are a prospect, ask questions, many sales people love to talk, way too much. That said, they’ll reveal many facts, figures and information about your competition. You will also learn their sales techniques, what they are offering and how they are packaging their offers. Call service too, they can be very insightful.

Another reason to spy on your competition - to find employees. What better place is there to locate qualified employees?

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Spy on Your Competitors

Having full access reveals your competitors’ trail of actions that paid off for them, their exact ad copy that drives leads, and an unrelenting, over-their-shoulder peek at blueprints of their most-guarded  advertising plans.

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