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Solo Ads

The most expensive (but by far the best) type of ezine ad is called a solo ad.

As the name implies, a solo ad means "one ad". When you take out a solo ad, your ad is the only one readers will see.

Now, you need to find an ezine that narrowly targets the market you're looking to reach. Browse sites in your niche and take note of which ones run ezines. You can find more prospects by going to Google and searching for: "Your Keyword(s)" + "ezine" and " Your Keyword(s)" + "newsletter"

Once you have a short list you’ll want to narrow it down to find the most highly-targeted ezines to advertise in. Compare prices for solo ads and the number of subscribers that your ad will be shown to.

Hint: before you place an ad, subscribe to the ezine you’re thinking about placing ad in, and read through at least a few issues. You need to get the feel of an ezine and its style to make sure it conveys the message and tone you need.

Prepare to spend some time crafting your ezine ad. The words you choose will determine how successful your ad will be. Also include your keywords in your ads.
Lastly, you need to track your ads carefully.

Use a tracking system for your ad destination links. Test which ezines get the best response. Play around with your copy and see what kind of results you get.

Like every other type of marketing, only planning, testing and tweaking will tell you which ads are bringing in traffic and which ads are wasting your money.

Solo ads are worth testing and worthy of being included in your internet advertsing and marketing plans.

A good starting budget: $100 - 250 a month for creating solo ads and $25-200 for their placement

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