Social Media Marketing


Social Network Aggregators

There are so many great social network sites, and new ones are emerging each day. Chances are outstanding that the hot place on the web in a year or two is just an idea that is coming to market today. How does one keep a pulse on everything? Enter the Social Network Aggregator.

Social network aggregation
pulls together all the various content from your social network sites, such as MySpace or Facebook. This is done by a social network aggregator, which pulls together all your information to one place or helps you consolidate multiple profiles into one master profile.

Features on these sites can include consolidating all your messages, tracking friends, combine web site bookmarks, searching across multiple social networking sites, reading  rss feeds from all your networks, getting messaged when your name is mentioned on various sites, access others profiles from a single interface.

Examples of popular social network aggregators include FriendFeed, NutshellMail, OrSiSo, FriendFeed, Gathera, Networked Insights, Youmeo, and Spokeo.

Various social network aggregation platforms like Mybloglog, Plaxo, Jaiku or others, allow you to put in one place all your social network activities like Twitter, Youtube, Stumbleupon and Digg.

One can also integrate your individual blog posts and comments through this. Everything happens in real time so that other members who are members of the same site see what is happen with their chosen connections. This then eliminates a need to jump from one social media network to another, trying to keep an eye on your friends and network's interests.