Sign Walkers

Sign walkers are similar to sandwich board advertising and is quite popular today.

Sign walkers typically wave large signs in high traffic areas at or near your business promoting sales or specials offered by a business. This is a very strategic way to communicate to potential customers and draw the attention of passersby. 

This is designed to attract the attention mainly of impulse buyers nearby or driving by. 

Your walker must be enthusiastic and maintain high energy to demand attention and by hard to miss. 

As a business, you may hire someone to walk around carrying or wearing a sign promoting your products and business, within easy distance form you location. A great example would be a new pizza place who hires a sign walker to advertise the business opening and special offers to passersby.

This person can even hand out coupons as a way to help measure the success of this marketing method. Studies have shown that effectively done, this method can increase sales as much as 30 to 50%.


Budget: Human cost - $80 to $120 per day
              Uniform or costume cost: $100 - $1000
              Sign design and production: $500 - $1000