Sign Holders

Sign Holders can be different from Wavers or Walkers in that their actual physical activity is defined differently as a way of promoting the product. The reason may simply be space restrictions.

Sign holders provide an effective and inexpensive way to drive traffic to your location.

Here are a few good tips for hiring “human sign holders” for your company. All of the tips are very basic. Good luck.


1) Hire high-energy candidates. You don’t want them taking sitting breaks every 5 minutes.

2) Smiling is a requirement and so is waving at people that drive by.

3) They must have a good attitude. Customers can tell when an employee doesn’t like their job.

4) They need to be able to life .0876 pounds (the weight of the sign)

5) If they come to a “sign holding” interview with a hammer and a folding chair, ask them to leave immediately. They’re probably not what you’re looking for.

6) Give them some job requirements. These days, you shouldn’t expect somebody with a sign-holding job title to know that they are actually supposed to be holding a sign? LIke many employees you may want to tell them what they’re supposed to do, how long, where at, why and what music they should be dancing to. If it were me I would provide audio of motivation speakers saying “hold that sign!”, “hold it high”, “hold it proud”, “please check to make sure you have the correct sign”, “you can do it!”

Budget: Human cost - $80 to $120 per day
             Uniform or costume cost: $100 - $1000
             Sign design and production: $500 - $1000