Shopping Cart Ads

In a real physical sense, this is where you advertise your product and business on retail shopping carts – usually grocery carts.

If your product is directed at a certain group of consumers (typically a wide-ranging group) you may want to look into the costs and locations to do so.

You would simply pay the retailer to place your ad on their carts and utilize their in-house graphics layout service or hire your own.

Grocery cart ads will be seen everywhere inside and outside your store.

Grocery cart ads are not only for the national brand advertisers. Today, local businesses and professionals are taking advantage of being able to specifically target their market area.

The upside is that you will reach a large consumer audience. There is a high volume and frequency of potentially interested consumers in retail stores, particularly grocery stores. In addition, grocery store shoppers are made up of decision-makers: 70% are women and the remainder are men shopping for themselves or their families. This venue provides excellent reach with extended impression. However, you must have a method to measure return on such a program to ensure it is working. Consider this carefully.

Next time you visit your local supermarket pay a little more attention to the grocery (shopping) carts throughout the store, and in the parking lots. Grocery carts have literally become "rolling billboards" with advertising for both the National brands and local businesses and professionals who need to target their branding and embed their names and images in the minds of tens of thousands of shoppers.

Budget: You need to consider whether you want to advertise in an individual store, group of stores, or entire chain. Design for your ad will range from $500 - $2000. Production costs will likely range from $2000 to $5000 per thousand, depending on size and materials.