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Service Tie-Ins

Have you ever bought a TV, computer or other electronic device at Best Buy.
At the check out counter did they ask you about buying an extended life service policy? 

How about the last car your bought? Did they offer you an extended warranty or maintenance plan? How about free oil changes for life as a marketing tie-in to get you back in the service center to sell you additional services or car repairs?

Another industries services who use tie-ins are insurance and banking. Your car insurance agent will offer you homeowners insurance and maybe even life insurance. The bank teller is trained to ask you about refinancing your home, if you need an loan for a boat or RV and If you would like to put todays deposit into a 18-month CD.

Service tie-ins create stickiness, where customers find it more difficult to leave because of service tie-ins your give them. Rewarding behavior, through loyalty action are particular methods employed by many cellular phone companies.

Quite often, introducing differentiated service levels, based on the value of the customer, additional service you can tie-in with your sale.

What service tie-ins can you offer to keep your clients coming back for more?

How many service tie-ins have you worked into your marketing plans?

Budget: $250 - $750 per month