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Search Engines, Directories & Datab

A search engine is any service generally designed to allow users to search the web or a specialized database of information.

Web search engines generally have paid listings and organic listings.

Organic listings typically come from crawling the web, though often human-powered directory listings are also optionally offered.

Search engines will index websites, documents and most anything on the Internet, then attempts to match documents relevant to a user's search requests.
Search engines attempt to index a large portion of pages on the Internet.

Other search engines are topic-specific, region-specific, and even site-specific.
Search engines search the Internet websites for specified keywords and returns a list of the websites and documents where the keywords were found.

Although search engine is a really general class of programs, the term is often used to specifically describe systems like Google, Yahoo or MSN (now Bing) that enable users to search for documents on the Internet.

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