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Two areas commonly compose sales training.

Product knowledge is when a sales person learns the various features, benefits and sales process of an organization or item. And every sales person must know there produce inside and out. But, product knowledge can be the death of a sale if not mixed with the reasons why to buy.

Skill building is when a sales person learns tools and techniques to increase productivity; sales call effectiveness or better manage an area of their sales process.

How a company trains sales persons is often a reflection of the corporate culture. Those who believe in ongoing education will conduct training at regular intervals. Others will use it as a supplement when a staff falls below expectations.

Still, others believe that sales training should be self managed and that individuals should own this part of their job. Many try to put sales training in as a part of sales meetings. 

Training is perceived by some employees as concern and investment in to their productivity, welfare and encouragement towards achieving goals. Others see it as time spent away from working with prospects and clients. Training needs to have an equilibrium to it. The right amount given at the right times can empower. 

Sales Training is critical for the success of your sales staff. Winging it is rarely a solution to sales training and many times will harm your sales team.

Budget: $250 - $ 1,000 weekly

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