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Sales Process Flowchart

Flowchart Your Sales Process - One sticking point for many operations, sales and marketing management is to answer the question, "What happens next?' from identifying leads and prospects through when a sale is made.

A flowchart of the sales process shows visually what happens at each major milestone of the process.   It also can dictate what happens to a prospect when they say no or when something comes across to hinder a sale.

To use all resources, including people, raw materials, administrative procedures and manufacturing to their peak, the key is to replicate it successfully and monitor the process. An effective tool to do this is a sales flow chart.  

Studies show that only 20% of sales people have the skills and raw talent to make things happen and become superstar sales people. The other 80% of sales people have a better chance of hitting their targets when they have a process to follow that details the tasks, actions and tools needed at each stage along the path towards closing the sale.

So unless you're lucky (and wealthy) enough to attract the cream of the crop sales pros, defining and standardising your sales process to follow your industry's best sales practice is an essential component in boosting your chances of success.

Budget: $250 - $1,000 quarterly