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Sales Management

Sales management are individuals whose purpose is administrating, training, guiding and fulfilling the sales process between representatives of the company and customers.

Every business is a sales and marketing driven organization and having key people who make sure goals, objectives and revenue targets are reached is a very important aspect of an organization.

Often, administrative or manufacturing employees lose sight that without demand from sales and distribution channels, their is no need for someone else in the company to make, service or operate. Good sales management also serve as ambassadors within their own company to insure the importance of the sales function is respected. 

POINTS TO PONDER - Sales managers often feel that their job is like that of supervising children, since sales persons often have very diverse but traditionally very strong personalities.

From disputes over accounts to insuring that sales persons perform their tasks, duties and paper work correctly, it takes a bit of scout leader or den mother to make sure that sales persons follow procedures every time. 


  • Is there a personality which works best for selling our products and services? 
  • As a manager, how do I communicate best with these employees to achieve their goals? 
  • Do I supervise sales persons the same as I do administrative and operations personnel?

Budget: $3,500 - $20,000 monthly

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