Reprints and Blow Ups

Reprints and Blow Ups are a situation where a company or an individual has received some positive media coverage, particularly in print medium, and wishes to utilize this exposure to enhance its marketing campaign.

An example of this would be an article written on your company in an industry publication, such as a monthly magazine. That magazine article can become part of your marketing collateral materials through a reprint.

Typically the publishing company will offer you a reprint package for your marketing efforts. This may include website links to the article as well as quality reprints for your sales people to hand out.

There are a couple of methods you can utilize:

1. Custom Reprints - these are high-quality, customized reprints (typically 500 minimum order) of magazine articles that are of particular interest to your company/products that can then be used as a powerful promotional tool to compliment your other collateral materials. Costs are based on order size, paper, color options.

2. E-Prints (electronic reprints for online display) - this is the digital version of the article, typically in high resolution PDF format that can be posted directly on your company's website or intranet. Costs are driven by time periods in which you want to use them, such as 6-month or 1-year periods.

Expect to pay thousands of dollars to utilize this type of marketing. However, keep in mind that it is a powerful way to promote your business. 

Budget: $5000 - $25000