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Receptionists Script

Who ever answers your phone is quite often the first contact a future client has with your business. It creates a lasting impression. Either positive or negative.

It's advised you create a phone script for your receptionist or whom ever answers your phone so they know what to say to sell, upsell or cross sell.

How many times have you called a business and who ever answered the phone was preoccupied, grumpy or just plain non-responsive. They seemed like you are bothering them. How did you feel? How fast did you go out of your way to give them business?

Is this happening at your business?
How do you know?
It's easy, simply call your business. Or if who ever is going to answer will recognize your voice, have a friend or business colleague call and see how who ever answers deals with the call.

I promise it will be eye opening and you'll want to improve the way your phones are answered.

Provide your receptionist with a phone script and explain why you want it used.

Budget to create a Receptionists Script $250 -$1,000 one time, plus a few tweaks.