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Read Marketing Books

Being able to easily get and read more books is a great bi-product of the information age having access to ideas and input of many successful business thinkers and achievers for a nominal cost.

To have them one on one consult with you could cost thousands of dollars a day. To read their books, listen to their audio Cd's or view their video courses costs less than $100. You can often read some of their info on-line for free.

One benefit from reading the works of others is the exchange of ideas. 

Each generation has its own messengers when it comes to business knowledge. While you may be able to learn something from reading Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanac or Lao Tzu’s The Art of War, you may find the writings of Seth Godin, Jay Abraham or Sanford Barris more contemporary and even more enjoyable. 

Another benefit of reading marketing and business books is that you’ll feel inspired beyond your present circumstances. Every business success story is a story of overcoming obstacles and achieving both personal and professional goals. Each year, a successful business leader wants to share his must read manifesto on how he reached the top and how you can do it too. While a Donald Trump, Jack Welch or Lee Iacocca may be an entertaining read, look more for the principles of success then the narrative. 

If you want to know what you're really thinking about, look at the last five books you read, last five TV shows you watched, last five web sites you visited and the last five conversations you had. If you don't like this, than maybe you may want to consider reading more marketing books.

Budget: $50 - $200 monthly