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Radio Interviews

Radio Interviews Publicity

The airwaves are an excellent avenue to promote you and your business. Check the radio stations in your area to see how they support and promote local businesses outside of advertising.

Typically, radio stations have AM talk formats and most have special program spots that highlight local businesses. They may be doing this in conjunction with the local or regional chamber of commerce to support and encourage business growth. Find out how to sign up!

These interview programs are designed to give business owners an opportunity to tell the public what they do and how to reach them. The audience is usually strong and will give you great exposure.

The fact that you can have a casual ‘conversation’ with your audience and with the prestige of being on a radio interview will provide the type of exposure you just can’t buy elsewhere.

You instanty build credibility and become the go to expert in your industry or field of work.

Be careful, do not blatantly promote your products or services over the airwaves. Wait for the interviewer to ask you a few questions about getting in contact with your for more information.

Budget: $250 - $650 per quarter.