Radio Commercials

Radio commercials involve a local or national radio station to professionally read a commercial for your company or product in a 15 second up to typically 2 minute spot at selected times during the day or evening.

You pay for the radio spot and usually commit to a specific time frame – say three times a week for four weeks.

The radio station can also charge a fee to produce the spot with a professional voice-over. While you can read the spot yourself, consider whether you have the voice and the on-air poise to create the ‘environment’ you are trying to achieve. It may be better left to the professionals.

Radio can be effective for many types of products. Consider your target audience, the time of day they may be listening and if your product can be effectively ‘sold’ without visuals. Of course, selecting the right radio station is also a primary concern. Who is tuning in?

Strong benefit-centric opening announcement (your headline), raise alertness levels regarding a pain point. Offer something free, whether it is a report addressing that pain point or free consultation. A sales trainer advertised to give people advice on how to determine what you need to close more sales. The response rate was amazing. For him, it got people to pick up the phone and start a dialog with him, then he invited them to a Thursday morning intoduction get together. Also drive listeners to your Website or your phone number. A great tool for promotional events to reach the mass local media.

Budget: This varies greatly depending on whether the spot is local, regional or national in scope. Please see Radio - Local Spot and Radio - National Network for budget information.