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Questionnaire come in many forms.  Many times they are presented as an interactive on line form, printed document or web pages which ask respondents to share information about an organizations goods and services. May also be used to build informational data bases and profiles about current and future customers.

Data collection can serve two functions. The primary one is the collection of specific information about customers, prospects or other persons that you wish to have statistical intelligence on.
The second is that this serves as a way to see who is interested in your products or services that they will actively involve themselves with sharing that information.  

One thing to know is that skill with asking questions is crucial to getting usable data. Asking someone if they like dogs is a pretty simple question. Asking them what they like about dogs: companionship, prestige, loyalty or affection can give you better insights in to the relationship and why they may make certain purchasing decisions.


  • What is the information we ultimately want to learn? What sorts of questions will bring us this data?

  • Have we reviewed and even tested the language in the questions to make sure that there are no word biases. Example: while cuddly and snugly are very close in meaning, the context you use them in could change their meanings. 

  • Can you use a questionnaire over a time period to gage shifts in perception, opinion and application of products and services?

Budget: $100 - $750 monthly