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Publishing a book by an individual or organization to demonstrate expertise, grant insight, teach and inform; while positing the author as a expert in their specific community.

The days of publishing books to only share wisdom and expertise are limited. Books have become more of a niche product, thanks in part to digital printing on demand. It is now possible to have a few copies printed of a book and have more done as quantity requests it,  as opposed to a minimum press run of hundreds or thousands and paying to have them stored somewhere. 

A well done self published book can be an income stream for you, if you market it well.

Many consider it wise to spend the time and energy if you are publishing non-fiction to do it yourself. Publishers seek less and less submissions for non-fiction books from unknowns each year. You will look at the mass published books, and a strong majority of them have a built in audience.

Examples are a war hero talks on leadership, a former president writes his version of historical events or a celebrity offers fitness or cooking tips. Yet there are times when event having a bit of notoriety will do you little good. The initial twenty rejections of the first 'Chicken Soup for The Soul' book, despite Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield's careers as public speakers demonstrates this.

The editors at Health Communications figured that they would probably sell the first print run, since they would sell them at their seminars. 

Don't ever write a book as a short cut to celebrity or success. The odds are even less in your favor of this than you playing Cello at Carnegie Hall, anchoring the network news or making it in Pro Football.

Write a book because you have a sincere interest in communicating something and have devised an effective plan through which to publish and distribute it. Write a book to promote your ideas, . In fact, I use my book 97 Marketing Secrets To Make More Money: Your Guide To Growing Your Business Rignt. as a business card when meeting future clients.

Also realize that even if you find a publisher to publish your book, you’ll be on your own to market and sell your book. In fact many publishers will not publish your book unless you can prove you’ll be able to market the book to an existing list or raving fans to sell your book our of the gate.

Budget: $1,000 - $3,000 self published
Budget: $10,000 - $60,000 ghost written