Public Relations


Public Recognition

While you are in the process of creating public awareness, also seek ways to gain some public recognition.

There are many ways to do this, such as speaking at an event in your industry, become a business mentor at your local chamber of commerce, write a column on business solutions that relate to your industry in the local paper, etc.

Anything you can do to be recognized as an expert in your field will benefit your company. This can be done locally, regionally and nationally.

In the long run planning your public recognition marketing campaign leads to lower marketing costs because you become the go to expert in your field.

Additionally, you can also give public recognition during employee meetings: "This month is Mike's 5th anniversary with our company, and I want to recognize Mike for his loyalty, which is 'using difficult times to demonstrate my commitment to those I serve.' MIke has shown talent by helping us find solutions to 3 major problems. Just a few weeks ago, Mike found a error in one service, and he quickly brought it to my attention. Mike's loyalty benefits our company because customers count on us to do it right the first time."

Written Recognition
Express your appreciation in writing so that employee can take it home to family members. Write an  thank-you notes. Print a certificate. Send an e-mail. Scratch a word of thanks when you sign off on documents.

People love being recognized for their work. In fact public recogntion is appreciated more than a silent monetary reward.

Budget: $50 - $250 monthly