Public Relations


Promotional & Event Marketing

Creating and/or sponsoring an event can be a great way to market your company.

This means you put on an event that people want to attend. Your name is on the event itself as the main sponsor and you bring in other people and/or companies to make the event successful. They can be entertainers or other companies who pay a fee to be part of your event and promote their products to the attending audience.

Here is an example: you own a car wash that also sells its own products (car towels, shimmies, floor mats, etc.). The local schools are always seeking fund-raising opportunities. You design an event that meets their needs, while also exposing your business and products to the public.

Promote the event through the local media and set it up so the school group washes cars at your location and the money earned goes to their group or club. During the event, give away a free car towel with your logo on it to every customer.

In addition, give them coupons for 20% off all your products and a free wash to get people to return for seconds. That second sale is when the profits start rolling in. Have a raffle for 1 year of free washes to the big winner. You help the schools and create goodwill for your company.

Budget: $300 - 600 per month