Public Relations



Promotion is something you should think about all the time for your company. It is simply promoting who you are, what you do, how you do it, what you stand for and why you do it.

Promote yourself to your ideal target audience on a continuous basis, whether that means your potential clients, potential employees (through high schools and universities), business/industry organizations, media outlets, etc.

Promote your products, services and ideas, company or individual achievements or certifications, new business, charitable giving or sponsorships, new employees, internal promotions, etc. The list is endless.

Just keep this always in mind: promote your business at every opportunity and through numerous outlets. Make sure the exposure is positive and the message is consistent and conveys your message.

Business promotion is being 200% passionate about what problems your business solves. It does not matter what motivates your passion, whether it is making money, or loving the “in-charge” feeling that you get with self-employment, or enjoying the freedom of setting your own hours. Promote your love and passion for your business, you will find that many people will want to do business with you, both now and in the future.

Passion breeds success, and success breeds more success. If you don’t love promoting what what you are doing—if you are not totally passionate about it—then go find something else!

Budget: Pricless.  $150 - 300 per week.