Product Tie-Ins

This is where you are utilizing another product, event or service to market and bring awareness to your product.

A good example of this is the movie business.

Specifically, James Bond films always featured a hot sports car for the leading man to use in his adventures. The automobile company likely pays a hefty fee for this advertising, but well worth it, considering the positive exposure they receive with a captive, perfectly targeted audience. It was truly a perfect way to make their target audience feel like they must have that car – for a variety of reasons.

Beverage companies have also been successful with this industry. Using the same James Bond example, Smirnoff vodka has also been featured in Bond films. As the perceived ultimate vodka connoisseur, James Bond drinking their product was marketing genius.

A movie soundtrack is another example. The artists who wrote and/or sing the songs from the movie will use the movie title to market and promote their songs. They advertise the song, artist and movie in their marketing campaign. 

Fast food chains have regularly used movies to promote themselves. Action figures or objects from famous movies are typical giveaways at fast food restaurants.