Product Naming

Product naming is critical to product success. make sure the name you choose is pleasing to the ear, is easy to say, easy to spell, and easy to remember.

Also think about if it will work globally – unless there are geographic limitations built into the company or product.

Ask yourself and your employees, who is the primary audience for this name? What do you what your product to communicate?

Determine what’s the most important attribute that your audience will care about? What attributes describe the entity, its intended positioning, and its differentiation.  List all attributes, then select the most important.  Group the rest into secondary and tertiary attributes.

For company naming, list all the possible product and service ideas/areas that the company may need to enter during its life to get a sense of the scope the name should encompass. 

Take into account your corporate culture in determining what you want to communicate and how you want to communicate it.

Brainstorm product names ideas: List single or two-word attributes. List all applicable synonyms. Play with sounds and word combinations, contractions, spelling. Develop as long a list as possible. Add to the list from dictionary & thesaurus research

Also add product naming as an essential part of your next advertising and marketing plan.