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Press Releases

If you are a business-to-business company, press releases are a critical part of your marketing plan, whether you are local, regional or national in scope.

Everything that happens to your company may be newsworthy.
You need to plan, track and recognize these events and put out a press release.

Keep your press release short and simple, clear and concise. You simply don't want to confuse your audience. Simply put, make your press release easy for anyone to understand. Also, try hard to make your press releases less than 2 pages. Keep it short and sweet. Edit and remove extra words  get straight to the point fast -- your audience will always appreciate you for it.

Always put your PR online, on your website, it keeps your site current and the reporter is far more likely to include a link to your website.

Here are some simple examples: hired a new employee for your team, got a new client, got newly certified in a specific subject relevant to your business, added a new product or product line, won any award etc. These things are important to your company and should be announced to the world.

There is a difference between a quick news brief that is 3 to 4 sentences long and a full-blown press release. We’ll lump them both in this category, but either one should be written by a PR or marketing company that understands how to do them quickly and correctly so they will have an impact.

In addition, a full-blown press release should be distributed through a proven press release system to ensure it is reviewed by publications/writers in your target market.

There are hundreds of Internet paid and free press release distrubution sites. Depending on your budget, its smart market planning to use these services. They handle all the details and distribution. Most offer press release and marketing tip to creating a better, keyword loaded press release that is more likely to be picked up my major new sources.

One of the first rules of thumb is to never place an ad for a product before you send the press release. If you do, most editors will consider the product announcement "old news" and won't bother to give you any FREE press. That'll hurt when you go to add up your marketing budget.

Remember to always include your contact information including website and email address.

Budget: $250 - $750 per month

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