Presentation Folders

Presentation folders, also known as pocket folders, custom folders are versatile tools that can hold presentations, annual reports, sales reports, and marketing materials.

If you want future clients to remember your company long after the big meeting, high-quality presentation folders are an great marketing solution.

Folders are a great way to distribute literature to clients so that all of the information about your company is in one place when they need it – especially if you want to have the ability to customize literature packages for specific clients while maintaining a consistent brand identity for your business.

Presentation folders posses great marketing potential beyond what they are expected to be.
As your know, they serve as a package of your company’s business cards, brochures, direct mailers, and other company literature.

But did your know their role in business has shifted into something more remarkable.
Presentation folders not only convey what your company is all about for they also attract your potential market to do business with your company.

Presentation folders can be created with as much graphics as you want.
Do not limit your folders to just plain letters. Include your company logo, specify your brands and let your images embody the message of your marketing campaign. Presentation folders look fuller and more distinguished using four color process printing and classy paper stocks.

Your presentation folders must be very attractive so as to draw the attention of prospects.
And I suggest that your folder contains only the most important material needed to get that corporate boost you’ve been longing for.

It’s also vital that through the design itself you’re able to tell to your target audience who you really are and what benefits they can derive from your company. 

Custom folder design can be a great collateral marketing tool to add to your plans.

Budget: $1,000 - $3,000 per quarter