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A pop-up ad is also referred to as a pop-up - a type of window that appears on top of (over) the browser window of a Web site that a user has visited.

A webpage that pops up on the screen when you visit a Web site or landing page, the purpose of which is to capture the e-mail address of the visitor, usually by offering free content. In contrast to a pop-under ad, which appears behind (in back of) the browser window, a pop-up is more obtrusive as it covers other windows, particularly the window that the user is trying to read.

Pop-ups ads are used extensively in advertising on the Web, though advertising is not the only application for pop-up windows.

Pop up windows come in many different shapes and sizes, typically in a scaled-down browser window with only the Close, Minimize and Maximize commands.

Most Web surfers hate pop-up ads. Marketers often overlook the ill-will generated by pop-ups because it is easier to click the "close" button than send an email to complain. What can often be seen is an above-average click-through rate, although some of this can come from "false positives," unintentional clicks when the pop-up gets in the way of the desired target.

Advertisers can get a better picture of the effectiveness of pop-up advertising by paying attention to conversion rates and return on investment (ROI).

Pop-up ads are worth testing and can be very profitable if presented right.  Sometimes it's not wise to use Pop-up's becasue Google will not show your PPC ads. It's part of there rules and they will shut down your ads if detected.

But, when you get users to a specifc traffic to a landing page, pop-up can be very effective to get visitors to sign-up for future sales opportunities.

With that said, and becasue pop-up's a a low cost Interent marketing alternative they are worth a test and a place in your interent advertsing and markeitng plans.

Typical budget to create & manage pop-up's: $50-$150 a month

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