Public Relations


Plant Tours

If you are a processor or manufacturer with a physical facility that produces something, consider showing it off with a plant tour.  People love to see how things are made and families like to see what their loved ones do every day. Think of all the TV shows that demostrate how things are made. They are more popular then ever. You can do the same for your business.

So, plan a day on a weekend or evening that works best and set it in motion. You are guaranteed to draw a crowd. Don’t stop there. Invite the media also. Give the event a theme, have contests and prizes mixed in and make it educational.

Local TV stations are always seeking events that capture the public’s attention and promote the health of the local economy.

Some things to consider: safety is first – wayfinding signs are important, along with posted event rules and appropriate areas roped off to prevent access. If appropriate, invite suppliers and customers also.  Once again, take photos and post them for everyone to enjoy.

Also, if realistic, offer samples and take aways of your products.

Years ago I toured the Jelly Belly Plant. After the tour, everyone was taken to a small store. The store was filled with all sorts of branded goodies to buy. But,the best part was you could taste as many of the different flavors that you coud stomach.

Now a day, many businesses are offering Virtual or Online Plant tours. The are never closed are a fixed cost to offer and are convenient for everyone involved.

So, add at plant, facility or office tour to your marketing plans. It builds good will, educates and everyone has fun too.

Budget: $250 - $1,000 per month depending on how often you offer tours