Placemats advertise your business and it is right in front of a captive audience.

This method involves advertising your business, product or service on a restaurant placemat.

If you are trying to reach a wide range of consumers or even a more select group, placemats can offer advertising repetition, which is key to advertising. Studies show that readership rate for this type of advertising is over 85%.

This method can also be very cost-effective.

Once you determine your target group of consumers, research restaurants in your target markets and contact them to inquire about placemat advertising.

Keep in mind that higher-end restaurants such as fine dining are not likely to offer this. Very casual places like diners are the most likely candidates.

Placemat advertising targets an audience during a time where they are most likely relaxing. A patron usually waits ten to fifteen minutes for their food to arrive. Those ten to fifteen minutes present a valuable advertising opportunity as opposed to trying to market to people while they are on the go.

Budget: $500 - $1,200 for 25,000 placemats