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Photosharing is uploading your images to a website like Flickr, Facebook or Photobucket . You can add tags and offer people the opportunity to comment or even re-use your photos if you add an appropriate copyright license. 

Simply put, photosharing is Internet users adding photos to share or swap files online

A photosharing web site can be used to store and share photos.You can upload your pictures to the site, which are stored and made available to friends and family on you personal Web pages

Photo sharing is not confined to the web and personal computers but is also possible from portable devices such as cameraphones, using applications that can automatically transfer photos as you take them, to photo sharing sites and photoblogs, either directly or via MMS.

Some cameras now come equipped with wireless networking and similar sharing functionality themselves.

One issue of public sharing is that others have access to your work, and many will use it for uncompensated gain. Regular stories appear in the media about a family photo who was 'borrowed' by someone else, across the world without permissions.

The price of stock photography has come down significantly in the past decade. Corbis, one of the leading stock sources, will license photos for use and avoid any legal hassles or embarrassment. They even offer free site, StockXpert, where many thousand images are also available for downloading. 

Plan in uploading your photos and start building relationships that may lead to future monitized relationships.

Budget: $100 - $350 a week