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Payment Plans

How can you help your clients by offering mutually agreed upon payment terms to facilitate both the terms and acceptance between a customer and a business.

Often used when services are a key component of the agreement, such as dividing the sum payment in to portions to be paid when the project starts, at terms during the length of the project and upon final acceptance.

With any option for payment, it is best to have guidelines and policies so that individual emotions, judgements or relationships don’t become the standards under which such decisions are made. It is best that these decisions are made in advance so that circumstances don’t always change them.


  • For what reasons will I offer payment plans. For what reasons will I not?

  • Are their specific criteria I want fulfilled, such as a credit application?

  • What information am I looking for to decide whether or not they will pay according to terms?

What payment plans are you offering to your cleints?

Budget: $50 - $500 monthly