Internet Marketing


Pay Per Click (PPC) Local Ads

Local Pay Per Click advertisements target the customers in your area. If you run a local business with a storefront such as a shoe store, restaurant or auto repair shop your ad will be more successful if you target your city/town or metro area.

You only want your ad displayed when people are conducting local searches. You will reach a smaller, more focused audience and receive better qualified clicks.

Okay, let’s say that you are a Marketing Consultant with a practice near Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. You want to use Pay Per Click to advertise on the major search engines, but you only want to reach customers within your service area.

With local Pay Per Click, you can specify your ad in terms of its geographical reach (e.g. including the city “Bloomfield Hills” in your Pay Per Click ad) and in terms of key phrase (e.g. “Marketing Consultant” or “find a Marketing Consultant”) in your local Pay Per Click ad.

Local Pay Per Click ads offer you the opportunity to fine-tune landing pages and homepages on your website, as well. You can use your Pay Per Click to test different versions of your Web site to determine what appeals the most to your local customer base.

It makes a lot of refine your local Pay Per Click ads until you reach the best formula for reaching local customers. Edit the language of your ad even a slight bit, and you may see big changes in your click-through and conversion rates. Test different messages.

Avoid “bidding wars” or constantly increasing your price per click against other local businesses unless absolutely necessary. Bidding wars drain money from your ad account, lower your return on investment and statistically do not generate better results. If a local competitor is outbidding you on certain sought-after key phrases, dig deeper and find other, more different key phrases to go after instead.

PPC included in your advertsing and marketing plans is a wise investment and addition to your marketing plans. Add PPC today.

Budget: It depends on your profit margins. My recommendation is to start small and test your PPC ads. Start with a budget of $150 a week for research, setup and monitoring Plus another $200 a week for paid clicks. Adjust according your marketing budget.