Internet Marketing


Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is paying a web site vendor for a visitor's click on an ad that sends them to your web site. Most of the vendors, largest being Google and Yahoo, do not charge you until the visitor actually clicks to your site.

The price is typically arranged via an auction, with ad placement determined by the relative size of the bid, and sometimes other factors. Currently the largest and most popular form of Internet advertising.

An advertiser pays for each click through to their site from a search on one of the Pay Per Click search engines

PPC is a very cost-effective means to get their site noticed by their target audience while our other Internet marketing strategies are gradually helping their site achieve their natural ranking potential.

PPC advertising works like, a sort of, a silent auction.

Advertisers place bids on keywords or phrases that they think their target audience would type in a search field when they are looking for specific goods or services.

When a person types a word or string of words into the field of a search engine, the search engine then matches the advertiser’s keyword list or visits a web page with content that correlates to the keywords or phrases chosen by the advertiser, the PPC ad may be displayed on the page.

In search engines, a PPC ad is generally displayed just above or to the right of the natural (organic) search results where they can be easily seen. On some websites, the ad will be placed in the location that the site designer has determined will be the most advantageous to his site and the advertiser.

To differentiate PPC ads from the natural search results displayed on a page, search engines will often place PPC ads under “Sponsored Ads” or “Sponsored Links” which also makes them easier to notice on a page that is crowded with text and other items competing for a web user’s attention.

Overall, PPC ads are beneficial to advertisers and web users.

Ads get noticed by person searching and are charged only for the times that their ads are clicked on and web users get to select from sites that may be relevant to the page they are viewing without having to deal with obnoxious banner or pop-up ads that flash and distract.
PPC ads can be very useful and profitable when your offer leads to folks signing up or buying on the spot.

PPC included in your advertsing and marketing plans is a wise investment and addition to your marketing plans. Add PPC today.

Budget: It depends on your profit margins. My recommendation is to start small and test your PPC ads. Start with a budget of $150 a week for research, setup and monitoring Plus another $200 a week for paid clicks. Adjust according your marketing budget.